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We are a family-owned business with many years of transport experience, moving over 16,000 vehicles each year. Our customers include private parties, car dealers, auto auctions, rental car companies, and auto manufacturers.

Our transport trucks cover primarily the Southwest, but we also work with reputable carriers to arrange transportation anywhere in the continental US. We take orders ranging from major rental car fleet moves -- a few hundred vehicles at a time -- to single car moves, and everything in between. We are federally licensed and insured.

Our commercially licensed drivers are the strength of our business, each having many years of auto hauling experience. We believe in delivering the kind of service we would like to receive: professional, courteous, and reliable.

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Billing FAQ

To confirm a clients commitment to ship with us, we normally require a credit card deposit of approximatly 20% of the total quoted price. We are also able to bill the entire order on your credit card so long as we charge your card prior to shipment. Some clients opt to pay the balance with cash at the time of pick up or delivery.a

Tips For Shipping A Motorcycle

Motorcycles usually require an enclosed transport truck and cost about the same to move as a car. Enclosed carriers have lift gates on the back of the trailer to ensure bikes don't topple over during loading and unloading.

Oversize Vehicles

Large pickups and SUVS typically cost 50% more to move because they reduce the capacity of the carrier to handle more units on the same load. Please remove any accessories that are not integral to the vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

You may contact our office either by submitting an online request form or by calling our friendly office staff at (520) 292-1600.

What happens after I place my order?

We schedule one of our trucks or a long-distance carrier and let you know a pick up and delivery date range. All vehicles are inspected before loading. A signed copy of this inspection report is left at the shipping location, and another copy is left at the point of delivery. Payment is usually made at your choice of the point of pick up or delivery. We usually require a small deposit on a credit card at the time the order is placed. 


How long will it take?

Delivery times vary, but generally the vehicles we move on our trucks within the Southwest United States are delivered in fewer than seven days. Long-distance transports that are placed on brokered trucks may take a week or more. Several factors may affect transport times. Transport rates, specific locations, and distances are a few factors. Our drivers will attempt to make telephone contact with you prior to pick up and delivery to arrange and confirm appointment times. You may also call our office at any time if you would like to check on the status of your vehicle. We take great measures to meet our delivery times, however if there are any delays due to circumstances out of our control we will contact you.


How much will it cost?

Transport quotes are provided on an individual basis and vary. A few factors that go into the quote process are, location, size, fuel prices, and number of vehicles being transported. We feel that our quotes are honest, fair, and affordable. Your quote will include all costs associated with your transport.


Do you charge hidden fees?

We believe in open communication and responsible business practices, which means that we will never stick you with hidden fees or other unfair billing practices.


What happens if my car is damaged in transit?

We strive to take the best possible care of your car, but in the case of accidental damage, all claims are covered by our cargo insurance policy. Damage resulting from factors outside of the control of the transporter and not due to negligence, e.g., hail, road debris, is usually not covered on open carrier transport, and are very rare.


Can I ship personal items in my car?

No. Car carriers are not licensed or insured to cover loose items in the transported vehicles. Most carriers will usually allow a box or suitcase weighing under 100 pounds, however, will not accept financial responsibility for these items.



How do you choose a carrier for brokered vehicles?

We work in tandem with other transport companies through an auto transport exchange network that provides nation-wide coverage. Our peer reviews in relation to our dependability, timeliness, safety, and other similar business practices have consistently held an excellent rating of over 98% for years. Since we hold ourselves to such strict quality standards, we work exclusively with experienced carriers that also maintain excellent service ratings.



Should I ship in an enclosed or open carrier?

In most cases, an open carrier is the most cost effective solution for your vehicle. however if you are shipping a vehicle that is exceptionally valuable, frail, or a show covered transport may be the best option. Covered transport rates are typically 30% - 50% higher than standard open transports..



What are my payment options?

We accept cash, cashiers checks, and major credit cards.


Pre-Transport Check List

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About US

At SARS Auto Transport we excel by offering only the highest standard of vehicle transport service to our clients. Our reliability, integrity, and communication set us apart from our competition. We strive to safely and efficiently deliver vehicles to our customers, keeping costs down, while satisfying our customers. SARS Auto Transport will never charge more that the price we quote. Additional charges may result when the recipient is not available for delivery, for extended wait time, or storage lot fees, if vehicles contain more than 100 lbs. of personal items that were not disclosed at the time of quotation, or if vehicles do not run/drive under their own power.

Who Do We Ship For?

Everyone! Operating out of Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, we transport cars and trucks for car manufacturers and dealers, rental car agencies, auto auctions, and private individuals. utilizing our own fleet of auto hauling trucks, and some trucks operated by other reputable/trusted carriers from across the nation. whether you need us for a one-time auto transfer, or annual migrations between the north and south, or moving cars to or from college for your children, SARS Auto Transport can help move your cars and trucks to where they are needed.

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Services We Offer

From standard cars and trucks, to restored classic cars, from coast-to-coast or just a few hundred miles, we can transport them for you. All of our auto shipments are as close to door to door service as possible. Keep in mind that our trucks are as long as a basketball court, so we may need to meet you outside your immediate neighborhood or at a nearby shopping center to prvent damage to local streets, or to your vehicle from low hanging trees.


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